JTS260PP-60 | 245-260 Watt

100% EL Inspection ensures Modules are defect free Positive Power Tolerance- 0/+5W


  • Multicrystalline Modules Designed for Commercial and Solar Farm (grid-tied & off-grid), Industrial / Residential Rooftop Applications
  • Polycrystalline 60-cell Module achieves Power Output of up to 260Wp with 16.0% Conversion Efficiency
  • High Transmittance and Low Iron Tempered Glass with Anti-reflective Coating
  • Outstanding Performance in Low -light Irradiance environment
  • Excellent Mechanical Load Resistance which can withstand High Wind Loads (2400Pa) and Snow Loads (5400Pa)
  • High Salt Mist and Ammonia Corrosion Resistance
  • PID Resistant Modules with Long-term Reliability