Mounting Systems

For Tin Roofs

A simple, fast and cost effective mounting solution for PV modules on tin and other color corrugated steel roofs. The installation time and cost decreases as It has excellent adaptability, more pre-assembly components, and an excellent design of the connections.

Preserves the integrity of the roof structure eliminating roof penetration and light weight as aluminium or steel is used making the transportation easy.

For Ground Mounting

It may be without foundation. Competitively priced, quick to assemble ground-mounting system for all open land. Leveling of uneven ground is not required. It stands securely on ram posts. The flexibility of angle adjustments makes it suitable for different project demands. Avoidance of earthworks saves on cost, labour and time. A modular system design.

The mounting system with foundation is widely used for a large-scale PV plant which is convenient and cost-effective. The steel materials with hot dip galvanization ensures it stand for at least 25 years. The tilt angle is adjustable according to the specific demand.

The mounting system with Cross Type Support Structure is a flexible , stable and durable depending on the soil conditions. Unevenness in the ground is solved or by working height.

And, for a flat landscape, the modules can be installed in concrete base.